Jornadas de empresa: Business Race

Business Race

Business Race is an entertaining and enjoyable experience designed to practice Business English in a more creative way. It was very well organized by all the members of the Foreign Languages Department.
Firstly, all the participants were divided into groups of 5 to 6 members. After that, each group had to roll the dice and, depending on the outcome, move forward to one task or another. Tasks ranged from word spelling, strengthening your speaking skills to assessing your comprehension skills. Each activity was planned with a slight touch of challenge, so that participants could always gain some more knowledge about business and the English language. For example, there was one task that consisted in a telephone conversation between a receptionist and a client; another task required joining syllables so as to form words related to the business world; there was another ─more related to cultural awareness─ that made participants guess how Russian people greet each other or what Thai people do when they receive a gift from someone.
In my opinion, the activity also aimed to spread the importance of teamwork, since every step towards victory required a good performance of every group member.

Himani S. Patele

CFGS Marqueting y Gestión Comercial

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