Activity n° 2015-1-FR02-KA105-009752
Participating organisations ADAEAR « La Maison », Haus der offenen Tür, Associació Pedagógica Stucom Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire
Venue Duration
City Country Start date End date Activity duration (excluding travel days) Travel days
Charbonnières-les-Bains France 19/10/2015 25/10/2015 6 2
Activity Programme
Timetable Activities Non-formal & Informal learning methods used
19 october Travel, Arrival of participants installation Arrival of participants
AM Energisers, presentation games Card, interaction and “Exchange Time”
PM Collective presentation of the activity program Interactive presentation by leading proactive method of Collective Decision Making
Evening Welcome dinner and expression of expectations Convivial evening hosted by the leaders and exchange of animators
20 october French Breakfast The French participants prepare breakfast
AM Visit the collective Slopes district of the Croix-Rousse, Lyon Interactive tour by the hosts of the Exchange.
PM Predefined route. Getting individual photo graph that marks the participants according to their own life
Evening Pizza night and exchanges on our collective representations of EU member countries Convivial evening and exchange our ideas, 1 person per group is rapporteur
21 october English breakfast The English participants prepare breakfast
AM Group meeting of a group of grapheur Origin, emergence and context
Question and answer session moderated by 4 leaders (French, Spanish, English and German)
PM Exchange with graffiti, protest origin Graph
Group lesson “Technique Graph” + preparation of the atlas Grapher 1 per group of 12 young people, use of the bomb, and color effect
22 october German Breakfast The German participants prepare breakfast
AM Restitution of the debate on our collective representations By group, we did some research to understand where these ideas
PM Workflow at the House of Europe Autonomous work by commissions and predefined themes (citizenship, engagement)
Evening Evening Europe and Citizenship: Back of our Atlas and link to the notion of citizenship Atlas finishing our prejudices
23 october Workshop 1 “Streets of Art” – Graph Activity Group 6 with a professional animation, realizing our European maps
PM Workshop 2 “Streets of Art” – Graph Finish by group of 6 of our European prejudices cards
Evening And if caricatured our prejudices to overcome them? Theatrical convivial evening, we play on our tables frozen prejudices cards
24 october Breakfast Spanish 6 Spanish participants prepare breakfast
AM Workshop Prevention of addictions Collective workshop led by professional and volunteer, witness and collective exchange
PM Free time Class recreational relaxation time
Evening Final evaluation of all participants Individual evaluation of the entire stay in all its aspects (the questionnaire) and brainstorm, + Youthpass
25 october Departure Brunch All participants prepare brunch
AM Storage, cleaning and goodbyes All together in a friendly
PM Departure of participants Return organization to Lyon airport

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